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How Adding Scar Management Products Leads to Growth

How Adding Scar Management Products Leads to Growth

Did you know the global scar management market is expected to grow by 45% over the next few years? Effective scar management products can help open up new opportunities for your brand.

There is no better time than now for medical distribution companies to grow and expand. Opportunities are abundant as people still regard skin care (health) important. The question is, where should you focus your attention? What sectors provide the  biggest opportunities? 

One sector that is rapidly growing is the Global Scar Management Market. Estimates suggest growth of 45% from 2018 to 2024 to $34.5 B. Over 60% of this market is represented by topical products (sheeting, gels, and creams) that are purchased without a prescription. But, why?

People are more aware than ever of the importance of maintaining their health. This includes their skin! Although there are several alternatives to manage scars, physicians and patients choose to go for non invasive, effective and cost-effective solutions. We know that the scar management market is expected to grow and patients constantly need a solution, but what product is the champion? 

According to the International Panel on Scar Management, silicone scar sheeting is the primary treatment option for surgical and traumatic scars. Silicone scar sheeting helps mimic the natural healing environment to decrease water loss and collagen production. If treated early, the scar is less likely to become keloid or hypertrophic. Currently, thousands of dermatologists and plastic surgeons recommend silicone based products due to its effectiveness.

Here are a few tips to determine whether or not adding scar management products to your portfolio might help you grow:

  1. Ask your physicians how often patients often express concerns over scarring.
  2. Ask your physicians how many patients ask specifically for effective, non-invasive solutions for their scars.
  3. Assess the number of people in your market looking for a solution for their scar.

Rejuvaskin is the only Scar Management company to have a full range of scar management products. Visit our International Distribution page to learn more about partnering with us.

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