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Best Ingredients for Scars: What To Look For in Scar Products

Best Ingredients for Scars: What To Look For in Scar Products

The inevitable has happened. You have a scar. So, what are the best ingredients for Scars? What should you聽look for in Scar Products? Maybe your new mark is from something serious like a car accident. It could also be from something minor like an unexpected scratch from your feline friend. Either way, addressing your scar early with the right scar product and ingredients is an important step in reducing its appearance. We know that standing in the aisle at your local drug store can be dizzying with all the options, bottles, florescent lights and ingredient lists.

To make the process of scar reduction a little easier, you need to understand what heals scars. Scar healing is a bit of a variable process and can be different for every person, skin type and scar. Scars also have many types such as a keloid scar, or a simple flat scar. Once you notice that a scar has formed, begin applying a cream or gel every day; 2-4 times daily as recommended. As you begin your healing process, look for a scar treatment product that contains the known scar-healing ingredients listed below.

Start with a Good Foundation

The foundation of every good scar management product is silicone. This is because keeping a scar moist is the most effective way to heal scars. The recovery process is aided by the silicone which helps prevent water from evaporating for the skin and increases the elasticity of the scar. In fact, silicone sheets were used for burn victims in the 1980s to help reduce the development of scars. While all serious burn victims should be quickly shown to the emergency room, small scars can be easily managed with silicone sheets or silicone scar gel at home. Results can be seen in some cases within a few days, but may take several weeks to months to achieve optimal results.

Don鈥檛 Forget your Vitamins

Vitamin C has historically been known for preventing sickness or fighting a common cold. However, scientific studies show that Vitamin C has a lot of value when it comes to improvements in the skin. This聽is why it is an important ingredient in RejuvaSil庐 Silicone gel. The first known benefit Vitamin C provides is healthy collagen formation. It also has been proven to lighten dark scars and brown spots, improve skin hydration, decrease inflammation and redness, and act as a powerful anti-oxidant.

Sometimes Fat is a Good Thing

Emu oil, an ingredient in RejuvaSil庐 Silicone Gel, contains chemicals called fatty acids which work to help reduce pain and inflammation. When emu oil is applied to skin, it has moisturizing properties. It can also be taken orally, but can be combined with other ingredients found in Rejuvasil gel to have multiple positive effects at once.

Scar Esthetique庐 Scar Creme has Shea butter in it, another ingredient with fatty acids. Shea butter heals, moisturizes and rejuvenates skin cells without clogging pores. Shea butter has been known to initiate a healing process, and help to diminish the appearance of scars after continued use.聽

Lastly, do not despair if you do not see immediate improvements. Scars can take quite a long time to heal. Some scars are so deep that patience is necessary to see improvement. While the scar may never disappear entirely, these remedies can help reduce the appearance of scars so that they are virtually non-existent.