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How To Help Your Patients Through C-Section Recovery

How To Help Your Patients Through C-Section Recovery

For the first couple of months following a C-Section, patients will be busy adjusting to the new changes that have taken place in their families– many will even be first-time mothers! They will need patience, grace, and compassion to persevere through the challenge that is motherhood, which is made easier without having to worry about the appearance of a C-section scar. Here’s some information about how scars form, how to care for the wound, and how our Scar Heal Kit for C-Sections can help.

How To Ensure A Smooth Recovery From A C-Section

What Causes Scars

Generally speaking, scars will result from any wound that renders a portion of the skin missing. In the case of stretch marks, there isn’t enough skin to cover the surface area, so scar tissue is rapidly built to replace what is needed. When laceration occurs, either with or without stitches, there is a gap that must be breached with fibrous tissue – this is the body’s natural process to bind separated tissues back together.

How To Take Care of a C-Section Wound

As you know, a Cesarean Section is a major surgery. So, how long does it take a new mother to recover from her C-section? Of course, each person and their body will be different, but generally it takes about 6-8 six weeks for a C-section to completely heal. Here are some tips about how to care for the wound:

  • Keep the incision clean
  • Take medications
  • Avoid excessive movement
  • Avoid foods that cause bloating, gas, and indigestion
  • Be prepared for bleeding
  • Get plenty of rest

When To Start Scar Management 

As soon as the incision becomes a scar rather than a wound (aka, once the wound fully heals), they should start applying scar treatments to it. This will help minimize the appearance of the scar, including size, texture, and color, helping them avoid noticeable raised scars. Because C-section scars are so common, we made a Scar Heal Kit tailored specifically to C-sections!

Composed of medical-grade silicone scar sheeting fitted to the size of a C-section scar and Rejuvasil scar gel, the scar kit works together to keep hydration locked in, preventing the excessive collagen production that often leads to raised, noticeable scars. Advise them to simply use the silicone sheeting to cover their scar at night and Rejuvasil during the day to soften and flatten their scar!

For long-term scar management, we suggest using a quality scar cream, like our Scar Esthetique Silicone Scar Cream. Creams can also help to improve the color of the scar. This can take up to 30-45 days to see improvement. 

If you would like to request free samples of our scar heal products for your patients, please complete this form. Samples contain coupon codes for patients that can be applied on our website to ensure they get the best price possible.