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How Long Does It Take for My Skincare To “Work”?

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Here at Rejuvaskin, we know that having healthy, radiant skin is a huge priority for you. If you’re currently trying to address a skin condition like the ones below, you might be wondering about skin barrier repair time, or you may have questions like “how long does it take retinoids to work,” and “how long does it take scars to fully heal.” Let’s dive right in and get you some answers.

Timelines For Seeing Changes With Different Conditions & Products:

Dryness & Dehydration

Keep in mind that the skin barrier is at play here; the skin barrier is responsible for keeping all that voluptuous moisture inside your skin where it belongs! In order to keep your skin barrier healthy, you need to simply take care of your skin. Use a good cleanser , use sunscreen , and moisturize well. If you do all of this right, you should see improvement in a week or two.


Retinoids have many uses that we’ve previously covered, but how long does it take retinoids to work? Again, your experience will be dictated by how regular you are with the use of your products (like our Face Serum and Eye Cream), but retinoids generally start to show improvement within a week. Remember that, if you use harsh retinoids, you will probably have some irritation and peeling before you see improvement; this is why we chose to use all-natural, gentle retinoids in our products.

Irritation & Inflammation

For conditions characterized by inflammation and irritation (like eczema and psoriasis), the goal should always be to limit or eliminate exposure to the thing that’s causing your reaction. In the meantime, finding a cream that helps manage your symptoms will be incredibly helpful. If you eliminate all triggers, you can expect irritation and inflammation issues to clear up within 2-4 weeks.


Now, if you have acne or had acne in the past, you’ll know that finding just the right system for you is incredibly difficult. Furthermore, hormonal acne can stick with you for life. However, if you’re lucky enough to find a system that works for your skin, you’ll know – because it will begin working and you’ll see improvement within two weeks of structured skincare.

Dullness & Discoloration

Discoloration can be targeted with skincare ingredients like vitamin C and retinoids (or retinol). Products like our Scar Esthetique target discoloration in the skin but also help keep the skin barrier intact and healthy. You should see results for skin discoloration within a few days and maximum effect within two months.

Signs of Aging

Bearing in mind that signs of aging are due to a loss of critical proteins collagen and elastin, reversing some of the signs of aging takes much longer than some of these other concerns – about 6-12 weeks. Don’t give up, though. Using products like our Dermacosmetics line and our Advanced Firming Cream will help you get the results you’re looking for!

Scar Healing

So, how long does it take scars to fully heal? Obviously this will depend on a number of factors, including what products you use (we recommend our Scar Heal products), how regular you are with your regimen, and the type, severity, and age of the scar when you begin treating it. In general though, you will start to see improvement after about two weeks, and you can expect that improvement to continue for up to two years, depending on how old the scar was when you started your regimen.

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How To Monitor Progress for Your Treated Condition

Dermatologists will recommend that you keep track of your progress by taking a selfie every week to two weeks. This way, you can be encouraged by your progress photos and keep that drive to keep on going!