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How Long Does It Take For Anti-Aging Cream To Work?

How Long Does It Take For Anti-Aging Cream To Work?

How long does it actually take anti-aging creams to work? How can you tell if they're working anyway? Let's discuss the best anti-aging products, anti-aging ingredients to look for, and how a skin firming cream can help restore your youthful glow!

Are you on the hunt for a simple, yet effective, firming cream or anti-aging cream? Perhaps you’re wondering about the effectiveness of these types of products. In this post, we’ll answer a couple of common questions (such as “Do anti-aging creams work?”, and “How long does it take skincare to work?”) as well as talk about the best anti-aging ingredients to look for in your next anti-aging skincare products.

How Long Does It Take Skincare To Work?

When you make a change to or begin your skincare routine for the first time, you’ll be excited and eager to start seeing results. Unfortunately, however, it can take some time (usually at least two weeks) before you see any obvious changes in your skin. This is because the skin is constantly replenishing itself, replacing dead skin cells with fresh, new ones. Skincare products tend to affect the lower levels of the external layer of skin (the epidermis), and it can take some time for these affected lower levels to come to the surface.

Other skin care products, like simple moisturizers, can appear to have instantaneous effects一 this is due to their ability to plump up and give the skin some shine. Products like anti-aging creams and treatments can take even longer (upwards of a month or two) to show visible improvement. This is because the ingredients within them (like ceramides and polypeptides) affect the skin on a structural level, leading to a buildup of components like elastin and collagen; this process takes time.

Do Anti-Aging Creams Work?

The age-old question boils down to: do anti-aging creams work? The research and anecdotal evidence supporting the effectiveness of specific ingredients in anti-aging creams is sound. In fact, many of our customers have written outstanding reviews on our take on anti-aging products (also known as firming creams), our Advanced Firming Cream; every individual will have a slightly different experience with different products, so it’s important to find a skincare product that works well for you and your lifestyle. 

The real bottom line for you, as an individual, is to try something out, stick with it for at least a month, and see what results you get.

What Anti-Aging Ingredients Should I Look For?

We’re partial to polypeptides, collagen, and hyaluronic acid; these are the three main ingredients you should look for in your anti-aging skin care products. We also use ceramides, cocoa butter, shea butter, aloe, Arnica montana extract, and Calendula extract in our Advanced Firming Cream.

Remember, like any product in skincare, there’s no one-fits-all approach. Your skin has specific needs that someone else’s skin doesn’t have; it would be silly to think that there is a single best firming or anti-aging cream that will work for everyone. That being said, if you’re looking for a firming cream that is gentle on the skin and is made with high-quality ingredients, you should try out our Advanced Firming Cream!

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