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Should You Use Cleanser While In The Shower?

Should You Use Cleanser While In The Shower?

Is cleanser in the shower a revolutionary skincare hack, or perhaps not the greatest use of your products? It all depends! Let's discuss the pros and cons of using cleanser in the shower, how to use your cleanser most effectively, and some good rules of thumb for using cleanser in general.

You’re in the shower, washing your hair, when you suddenly realize what a huge timesaver it would be to cleanse your face while in the shower. However, when should you use cleanser? Is there a reason why you shouldn’t wash your face in the shower? In this blog, we’ll take a look at this burning question: do you use cleanser before or after shower? Let’s dive right in.

So, When Should You Use Cleanser?

As far as skincare routine order goes, you should always start by using a cleanser suitable for your skin type. It's important to remember that everyone’s skin is very different. We’ve covered What To Look For In A Gentle Cleanser, so check that blog out if you need a little bit of direction on that front. If you’re looking for a new, gentle, deep-cleaning cleanser to try, we recommend our Anti-Pollution Facial Cleanser.

Also, as a reminder, always remove your makeup before going in with a cleanser to clean your skin. Cleansers are meant to remove dirt and excess oils – not layers upon layers of makeup!

How To Use Cleanser Effectively

When it comes to using your cleanser, most dermatologists recommend that you use lukewarm, not hot water and you do not scrub the product into your skin. You should also pat your skin dry rather than rubbing it. Furthermore, if you don’t have other steps in your skincare routine, follow up with a moisturizer right away. Don’t wait for your skin to dry out before reapplying moisture and locking it in.

As we continue to answer your questions about cleansing in the shower, keep these things in mind. If you’re looking for more tips and tricks for cleansing your face properly, check out 6 Face Cleansing Mistakes To Avoid.

Do You Use Cleanser Before Or After Shower?

So, let’s answer our burning question: is there a reason why you shouldn’t wash your face in the shower

The Cons Of Using Cleanser In The Shower:

Realistically, the answer is complicated. It depends on how hot you run your shower, what other products you’re using in the shower, and how long it will take you to address moisturizing your face after you get out. If you take a lukewarm shower, don’t use other harsh products near your face (like shampoo), and apply moisturizer right away – go ahead and cleanse in the shower.

However, most people like to take nice, relaxing, hot showers. For these people, cleansing in the shower isn’t a good option.

The Pros of Using Cleanser in the Shower:

Cleansing your face in the shower can be a good way to save time in the morning or at night, depending on when you shower. Just keep in mind that your face is more sensitive than the rest of your body. Cleansing in the shower also does something else for your skin – the steam and moisture open up your pores for deeper cleaning and moisturization.

The Verdict: You Decide

This one could go either way – if you can keep the heat low, avoid harsh shampoos, and moisturize right away after your shower, go for it! But if you really love hot showers, cleansing in there might not be for you. 

How do you like to cleanse your face?


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