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how silicone scar sheeting works

  • Silicone Sheeting For Breast Surgery: Picking The Right Pair

    What do breast surgery scars look like? Depends on what you use to treat them. Learn about how to heal your breast augmentation scars, mastectomy scars, and more with silicone scar sheeting— and which scar sheeting shape is right for your breast surgery.
  • What Is the Best Scar Treatment Route: Surgical or Topical

    Whether you’re looking for how to get rid of old scars, or are looking to prevent scarring from surgery, there is most definitely a scar treatment option for you! Let's discuss the pros and cons of scar revision surgery and silicone scar products!

  • How Scar Heal Products Work

    We pride ourselves on making effective skincare products. Whether it is managing your scars or helping you get the healthiest skin possible, we know that our products work. The key is in the ingredients and the science.
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