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6 Ways We Are Lessening Our Ecological Footprint at Rejuvaskin

6 Ways We Are Lessening Our Ecological Footprint at Rejuvaskin

Happy Earth Day! At Rejuvaskin, we believe it is important to provide the highest quality products without compromising the health of our environment. Every day we strive to keep our ecological footprint to a minimum at every level of our company. We understand that the slightest change in our processes has a large impact on our community and the world-at-large. By partnering with like-minded facilities, manufacturers, and plants, we are able to provide top-notch products while maintaining our green standards.聽

Here are 6 areas of our brand that Rejuvaskin is intentionally implementing environmentally-friendly practices:

1. Manufacturing & Plants

Our plant is the first place we exercise green standards for our products. These benchmarks include using a manufacturing plant that runs on solar power and complies with strict environmental regulations. In addition, we ensure that none of our products are animal tested.聽

2. Tubes & Bottles聽

The packaging company we utilize is dedicated to providing the most environmentally-friendly packing solutions available. This is accomplished in a few ways beginning with adhering to the strictest manufacturing standards in the industry. On top of that, our packing company purposefully works with a curated group of CGMP certified, sustainably-minded factories. By doing this, it ensures that each facility is environmentally conscious and committed to decreasing their impact on the environment.聽

3. Cartons & Boxes

Rejuvaskin uses a printing company that is Green Certified and received the Recycling Recognition Award from Florida鈥檚 Department of Environmental Protection. With a 76% Recycling Rate, they are at the forefront of the commercial industry for being environmentally friendly. They use 100% vegetable-based inks, environmentally friendly press, chemistry-free prepress, and recyclable paper, cardboard, aluminum, and plastics.聽

4. Labels & Stamps

In our business, labels and stamps are used in large amounts. We purposely work with label printers that are an industry sustainability leader and have been instrumental in developing several green label materials and environmental standards.聽

5. Packing & Shipping

The shipping process is one of the smaller areas we focus on that really makes a difference. When we send a box, we use biodegradable packing peanuts. In addition, work with recyclable shipping cartons and bags. These may seem like small steps, but in the long run, it helps the planet.聽

6. Workspace & Offices

On a day-to-day basis, we are implementing environmentally sustainable habits at our corporate offices as well. Some of these efforts include recycling, power and water conservation, digital paperless office, and efficient lighting.聽

As you can see, here at Rejuvaskin, we are always working to create a greener, more sustainable ecological footprint. You can rest assured that any product you buy from our brand was made with care for both you and the environment.