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Case Study: How Rejuvaskin’s Skin Recovery Cream Is Helping Cancer Patients

Case Study: How Rejuvaskin’s Skin Recovery Cream Is Helping Cancer Patients

When it comes to communicating the amazing uses of the Rejuvaskin Skin Recovery Cream, no one can tell our story better than the people who benefit from it—our patients. Below, we take a look at a case study of a real patient who experienced positive and lasting results from our Skin Recovery Cream!

What is Skin Recovery Cream and How Does it Work?

Rejuvaskin’s proprietary blend of ingredients are proven to assist with the effects of radiation on the skin. Our Skin Recovery Cream is an over the counter product designed to provide radiation relief to damaged skin as a side effect of radiation dermatitis. Radiation dermatitis can cause redness, burning, itching, and soreness on the skin. Skin Recovery Cream soothes and revitalizes your skin affected by radiation therapy.

A Real-Life Testimonial

Our patient suffered from laryngeal/pharyngeal carcinoma and, due to previous health conditions, he was not a candidate for surgery to remove the tumor. Because of this, the oncology team opted for a very aggressive treatment plan that included daily radiation treatments on Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, and Friday, in addition to two radiation treatments every Thursday. It’s an incredibly intense treatment plan, and was anticipated to cause severe damage to the patient’s skin, as well as risk of infection.

The patient’s oncologist recommended he use a topical radiation cream to protect the integrity of his skin and minimize the risk of infection once beginning radiation therapy, so the patient was given Rejuvaskin’s Skin Recovery Cream to begin treating radiation burns. Our Recovery Cream was prescribed after his first session, to be used continuously during treatments, as well as after treatments had concluded.

The Outcome with Skin Recovery Cream

Despite the aggressive nature of our patient’s radiation treatment regimen, both he and his nurse were pleasantly surprised by the effectiveness of our Skin Recovery Cream in minimizing the harsh side effects of the radiation on our patient’s skin.

Feedback from the Patient

The patient and his wife found our Skin Recovery Cream to be not only effective, but simple and easy to use, which is a key element when treating delicate conditions such as the after effects of cancer radiation. Because of the aggressive and regular radiation treatment, the patient’s skin around his throat began to itch and peel. The patient began a regular routine of applying the Skin Recovery Lotion and the area became smoother and less irritated. He continued to use the Skin Recovery product after his treatment had concluded to ensure the skin in the affected area remained smooth and unharmed.

“I want to thank you for this product. It is an excellent product I would recommend to anyone having radiation treatment!”

Feedback from the Nurse

Because of the aggressiveness and prolonged radiation treatment of the carcinoma in the patient, the oncology team knew that there was a risk the patient could be left with long-term skin issues. “Skin reactions vary from person to person…some patients see minor dermatitis after the first few treatments, and then heavy excoriation (skin lesions and damage) towards the end.” Our patient’s nurse noted that “healthier, more supple skin tends to protect from the more severe reactions throughout the treatment course”, which is why providing patients with a high quality cream that strengthens and heals the skin is crucial in minimizing the effects of radiation treatment. “In general, since we have been offering Rejuvaskin Skin Recovery Cream in the clinic, we have seen fewer of the more severe skin reactions.”

The best way to show the positive effects of Skin Recovery Cream is to share the real-life stories, like this one, of how people have benefitted from it. This is just one patient’s story, but we’ve seen countless other cases in which our Skin Recovery Cream was able to positively impact the lives of patients undergoing radiation therapy by giving their skin the protection it needed to withstand the harsh damage from treatment.

If you're a nurse or physician and you're interested in acquiring product samples of our Skin Recovery Cream to provide to your patients, you can learn more about our physician sampling program here.