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Customer Testimonial: How Scar Heal Products Changed My Life

Customer Testimonial: How Scar Heal Products Changed My Life

Meet Paulo, the victim of a motorcycle accident many years ago that left him with a large scar on his forearm. We sat down with Paulo to hear about his scar heal journey and how Scar Heal became a part of it.

Here at Scar Heal, we know a testimonials are important to prospective customers because they provide social proof, attesting to whether a product or service works. It’s not always enough as a company to tell people you can help them - you have to show the direct results of how your product has affected others. On our web page, we offer several short customer testimonials but we wanted to also provide a more in-depth look at one customer’s experience.

Meet Paulo, a businessman from Denver, Colorado. Paulo was the victim of a motorcycle accident many years ago that left him with a large scar on his forearm. Unable to conceal its visibility, Paulo spent months trying out different treatment options in an attempt to reduce the scar’s appearance. We sat down with Paulo to hear more about his scar heal journey and how Scar Heal became a part of it.

Q: What steps did you take regarding your scar directly after your accident?

Paulo: After the motorcycle accident, I had to have surgery on my left forearm which left me with a very large scar. I knew I did not want to leave it as it was, so starting in 2004, I began to do a lot of research about what my options were. I went in for scar revision therapy and had laser treatments done which helped, but it was expensive and time-consuming so I looked into what products I could use at home.

Q: What factors determined whether you wanted to use a certain product?

P: I researched what ingredients were in each product, and also how much the companies were charging. A lot of brands that I looked into were are very pricey and I didn’t want to break the bank! Ultimately, I think it was an equal combination of price and ingredients that led me to choose Scar Heal.

Q: What products did you try before using Scar Heal products?

P: Mederma is a pretty well-known company so that’s where I started. After that, I remember trying Scarguard. Neither made a big impact on my scar and that’s when I came across Scar Heal.

Q: Can you tell us more about your experience using the Scar Heal products?

P: Before I even bought anything, I picked up the phone and called to hear more about the products. Silicone as an ingredient was new to me but I think that’s what attracted me to Scar Heal’s products. First, I used the Scar Esthetique and the Scar Fx Silicone Sheeting together. A product comparison that I read on the website helped me to put my faith in the products.

I used the scar management products consistently over a year, but after a few weeks of usage, I started seeing results. I attest this to the combination of the products I used, and also my patience. Results didn’t happen immediately, and I had to wait for the results I was hoping for. I would apply the Scar Esthetique several times a day and then use the silicone sheeting at night.

Q: Why did you choose to treat your scar? Why not just leave it as it was?

P: The bottom line is that seeing the scar bothered me.

When something bothers you on a daily basis, you have to do something about it. Scar Heal changed my life because after using the products, my scar was looking so much better and I forgot that it was there. I don’t think anybody wants to have a scar they have to think about every day. Even when it’s not visible to others, you know it's there and it affects you. Scar management isn’t all about changing appearance, it’s also about changing the way you feel.


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