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Winter Skincare Tips: How To Maintain Healthy Skin In Cold Weather

Winter Skincare Tips: How To Maintain Healthy Skin In Cold Weather

You hear a lot about taking care of your skin in the hot summer months. And for good reason; the high temperatures, harsh sunlight, and other elements are terrible for your skin. But what about when it's so cold that you desperately want to avoid ever leaving home?

These last few cold spells have got us thinking it's time we learned how to have healthy skin even in the freeze. The real problem in the winter is a lack of moisture. Cold weather, dry air, and bitter winds dry out your skin leaving it cracked, red, and all around unhealthy. Here a few quick tips to help add moisture to your skin this winter.

1. Drink more water.

We might say this too often, but it's a must, especially in the winter. When it's cold out you don't feel the urge as often to gulp down a tall, cool glass of water. However, your skin yearns for it all the same. Keeping your skin moisturized starts from the inside and moves out. Even though you don't want it, drink more water.

2. Cool off your shower.

Turn down for what?! Healthier skin. Nothing feels better than taking a hot shower on a cold day. Unfortunately, that hot water that feels so great in the moment is not helpful to your skin. In fact, it's just the opposite. Hot water washes away protective oils on the surface of the skin causing it to become dry, tight, and itchy. So before you turn the shower all the way to red, think about your skin and how happy it will be when you simmer down a bit.

3. This is when your that humidifier comes in handy.

You know that feeling that you get when you have run the heat too long and too high in your car. You know how uncomfortable it gets after a while. The problem is that you are essentially making your car an arid wasteland. The moisture is being pumped out of the air and is replaced with just more hot air, drying out your skin. The same can happen in your home if you run the heat for too long. This time of year is when it is important to run that humidifier that sits in the corner of your living room. This will add moisture to your home's atmosphere, which in turn helps your skin.

4. Be picky about your moisturizer.

The winter is not time to be skipping out on this step in your skincare process. It may be the most crucial time to invest in a good moisturizer. When choosing make sure you pick one that locks in moisture deep into your skin. Also look for natural ingredients and oils that help boost hydration. Avoid products that contain preservatives that may further irritate your already dry skin. When it comes down to it, pick a product that works for you.

BONUS TIP: Do the same for you cleanser. Avoid harsh cleansers that dry out your skin. Hydrated skin is healthy skin.

5. Stay protected against the sun.

Just because it is cold out does not mean that you can go without sunscreen. Be sure to cover any exposed skin with sunscreen so that you don't get burned. No one wants to be cold and have a sunburn. Neither of those are fun.

The winter can be tough. It's dark, it's cold, and it's windy. But we believe that you will come out alright. We know your skin will if you consider these tips. When you feel down the next few months, just remember, spring is coming!