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Radiation Prep Tips: Staying Healthy During Treatment

Radiation Prep Tips: Staying Healthy During Treatment

If you’re looking at needing radiation treatment (or someone you love needs this type of treatment), chances are you’re going through a rough time. Luckily, there are a variety of treatments available for most types of cancer – of which radiotherapy is one. 

Today, we’re going to give you some tips for how to stay healthy during treatment and answer some common questions: how can I boost my energy during radiation, what are some good foods for radiation treatment, and what are the radiation therapy side effects? Let’s get started.

How To Stay As Healthy As Possible During Radiation:

Tip #1: How Can I Boost My Energy During Radiation?

Why It’s Important

Maintaining your energy levels as well as possible during the course of your treatment isn’t just more comfortable for you. It’s also incredibly important to fuel your body properly so that it can heal the intentional damage done by radiation.


Light exercise, getting enough rest (think naps!), eating nutrient-dense foods like fruits, vegetables, and whole grains.

Good Foods for Radiation Treatment: Nutrition for the Person with Cancer During Treatment

Tip #2: How Do I Deal With Radiation Therapy Side Effects?

Why It’s Important

Managing your side effects is important for staying energized and chipper while you’re going through your course of treatment. Your state of mind is critical for your recovery.


Side effect management will most likely be your oncologist’s realm of expertise. If you’re struggling, don’t let it get bad; contact your care team right away.

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Tip #3: How Do I Support My Emotional and Mental Well-being During Radiotherapy?

Why It’s Important

Like we mentioned above, your mental state is important for your treatment and recovery, too. Try to keep your mood positive in whatever way you can. We know this can be a challenging time, but positive mindsets lead to more positive outcomes.


Meditation, journaling, connecting with support groups, therapy, and chatting with family members can all be helpful during this time.

Tip #4: How Do I Keep My Skin Healthy During Radiation?

Why It Happens

Radiation, though it’s pretty good at killing cancer cells, also kills rapidly-dividing skin cells. Much like a sunburn, radiation burns feel like a burning rash: red hot to the touch, poofy, and will eventually flake away. 

How To Prevent & Heal Radiation Burns:

If you want to prevent them from happening, keeping your skin healthy and moisturized is your first line of defense. We recommend our Skin Recovery Cream both before and after treatment starts. Preventing radiation burns can actually help keep your treatment on schedule – oncologists like to wait between sessions to make sure the damage to your skin isn’t too great.

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Getting Through Your Treatment

As you’re fighting your cancer, we encourage you to connect with others in similar situations. This can be a way to not only talk with someone who understands what you’re going through, but you may also learn some tips from them that will help you. 

We wish you the best of luck with your treatment!