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Radiation Therapy Topics

  • How To Prepare For Radiation Therapy

    Looming radiotherapy can be a stressful time. To help you prepare, let’s answer some common questions, such as ‘what should I do before radiotherapy’ and ‘is radiation treatment painful? ', and take a look at how to stay calm during radiation.
  • Do Radiation Side Effects Get Worse? What to Expect From Your Treatment

    Many radiology patients wonder: how does radiation treatment affect the body? Simply stated, there is usually a margin of healthy tissue that gets caught in the radiation crossfire.
  • Holiday Skincare Gifts

    Whether you’re stuffing a stocking for your teenage son, your pregnant wife, or your friend who’s battling cancer, we’ve got a skincare product for everyone on your list that’s guaranteed to put a smile on their face this Christmas!
  • Tips For Staying Healthy During Radiation Treatment

    Radiation therapy can be taxing on your body in more ways than one, so it is vital that you take care of your body during radiation. We’ve put together a few tips on how to have a healthy body throughout radiation.


  • Ways To Prepare For Radiation Therapy

    Radiation therapy can seem daunting, but if you prepare before your treatment and continue to make your health and healing a priority throughout your radiation therapy, you will be able to focus on what’s most important: fighting your cancer.
  • Preparing For Radiation Treatment

    If you’ve recently been diagnosed with cancer, you may be preparing to undergo radiation. Here, we’ll help you feel more prepared for your first radiation treatment and beyond, so you can relax and get back to the most important thing—beating cancer.

  • Dealing with Skin Changes caused by Radiation

    Radiation commonly causes skin conditions that range from mild to severe, called Radiation Dermatitis. Milder symptoms appear similar to a sunburn while more severe symptoms cause wet peeling and at times blistering. Here's what you need to know.
  • 5 Ways to Support Your Skin During Radiation Therapy

    Your skin shouldn’t have to suffer during your radiation therapy. It also shouldn’t be the reason you put your treatment on hold. If you're experiencing skin irritation due to radiation therapy, this list of helpful hints might bring you some relief.

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