Reducing The Appearance Of Your Stretch Marks

Reducing The Appearance Of Your Stretch Marks

Stop stressing about those stretch marks! There are a variety of reasons they appeared, whether it was a pregnancy, weight loss or gain, a growth spurt, or just plain genetics. Stretch marks can appear on any part of the body, especially on the stomach, thighs, hips, breasts, upper arms, and lower back in the middle layer of the skin. Stretch marks do not discriminate as both men and women can get them. If they haven’t faded like you had hoped, we have a few suggestions to take your mind off of it so they don’t keep you from enjoying life!

First, You Should Know The Causes of Stretch Marks

There are three main layers of the skin; the epidermis, dermis, and hypodermis. Stretch marks have been found to occur as a result of the dermis stretching combined with an increase of cortisone in your system. Cortisone is a hormone produced by your adrenal glands and producing too much of it can lead to your skin losing its elasticity. Stretch marks can be classified as rubra or alba. Rubra are pink or red in color and inflamed bands. Over time, they turn silvery white, becoming alba which are harder to hide.

Many women experience stretch marks during pregnancy as the skin stretches to make room for the baby in the abdominal area. According to the American Association of Dermatology, 90% of women will get stretch marks during pregnancy. If you have twins, triplets or more, you are more likely to get an increased amount.

Stretch marks can appear when people lose or gain a considerable amount of weight. Changes in height such as growth spurts can contribute to that. Any adrenal gland disorder can cause stretch marks as this, as mentioned before, is the main part of your body producing cortisone.

Next, What Gets Rid of Stretch Marks?

Let’s talk about the advantages of using a stretch mark cream These options are all non-surgical, non-invasive, and painless. You won’t have to spend time making appointments, sitting through procedures, or worrying about side-effects. Additionally, they are a low cost option. Compared to competitors, Rejuvaskin’s Stretch Mark Cream offer quality at an affordable price and are filled with ingredients that are scientifically tested and proven to drive the results you’re looking for.

Creams made with Vitamin A retinoids may improve the appearance of stretch marks when applied over a period of a few months. Vitamin A helps with healthy skin growth and improves the skin as it helps builds collagen to promote new skin growth. Pregnant or nursing mothers should not use this type of crème without consulting their doctor.

Palmitoyl Hexapeptide-12 is an antioxidant to look for in any stretch mark product. This ingredient helps to increase the amount of hyaluronic acid in the skin. The result of this is maximum skin regeneration and a firming effect, increasing the elasticity and tone of the skin. As an added benefit, it is effective to use even in sunlight.

Using this type of skin care product recommended by a dermatologist is a non-invasive and easy to apply as an effective stretch mark treatment.  

Third, What Does Exfoliation & Massaging Do to Reduce the Appearance of Stretch Marks?

Another way to improve the appearance of stretch marks is exfoliating and massaging. Exfoliation helps get rid of old and worn out skin cells and replaces them with fresh new tissue. You should practice regular exfoliation techniques using some essential oils such as tea tree oil, and a cleanser with cleaning properties as well as an abrasive exfoliator up to twice a day. Massaging techniques will help break down the scar tissue that has accumulated and also help blood circulation which will help reduce the appearance of stretch marks.

Don’t let stretch marks keep you from enjoying life. Whether you're looking to treat pregnancy stretch marks, prevent stretch marks from working out or losing weight, our fan-favorite Stretch Mark Cream is here to help!