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Why Sometimes Less Is More When It Comes To Skincare

Why Sometimes Less Is More When It Comes To Skincare

There’s a lot of information (and misinformation) out there about what should and shouldn’t be in a skincare routine. If you’re a bit overwhelmed, it’s completely warranted. If you’ve found yourself asking “what should be in my skincare routine,” and you’re looking for something that won’t take you a half hour, we’ve got you covered. In this blog, we’re going to cover a beginner’s skincare routine and a more intermediate, “best simple skincare routine.”

Why Should I Have A Skincare Routine In The First Place?

If you’re one of the slim few lucky ones that can get away with just a quick wash of your face in the shower, we envy you! For the majority of people, a little bit more is usually necessary. During the day, our faces accumulate lots of dirt, dust, and oils (and some pollution if you live in a bigger city). 

Using the right products means that you are completely stripping your face of these negative components and starting fresh. For healthier, clearer skin, try your hand at one of the skincare routines we have listed below.

Why Are Some Skincare Routines So Complicated?

Maybe you have already done some research but were extremely overwhelmed by the number of steps and products in some of the routines you saw.

Well, it really doesn’t need to be that complicated – in fact, the more products you use on your skin, the more likely you are to irritate it and set yourself back. Many people out there think that they need to use every product they can get their hands on and that it will somehow be better for their skin. However, what you really need to do is target your skin’s needs on different days.

Less is certainly more when it comes to keeping your skin happy and healthy. But remember, your skin type will ultimately affect what your routine ends up being.

What Should Be In My Skincare Routine?

So, we don’t want to start out with that many products and steps – especially if your skin isn’t even used to being washed more than once a day in the shower. Here’s what you do want to start with: a beginner’s skincare routine. This will help you repair and rebuild your skin barrier. Then, you can move on to something like our suggestion for a “best simple skincare routine.”

Beginner’s Skincare Routine

Right now, just focus on using great, reliable products on a regular basis. This is where we want you to form a lifelong habit! Getting into this routine will literally change your life – you may not see huge changes in your skin right away, but the routine will have you feeling clean and refreshed.


Cleanse your skin with a high-quality cleanser like our Rejuvaskin Facial Cleanser. Make sure to use lukewarm water, do not scrub, and pat your skin dry with a clean towel.

Follow up immediately with a natural, botanical, and water-based moisturizer like our Facial Moisturizer. Using a moisturizer right after cleansing is crucial because it locks in that moisture that you’ve built up during washing.

Once your moisturizer has soaked in and dried completely, if you will be going outside during the day, finish off with a good mineral sunscreen, like our 100% Mineral Facial Sunscreen.


At night, just do the first two steps and call it good! If you want to cleanse in the shower, you definitely can – just don’t use super-hot water or let other products wash down your face.

Best Simple Skincare Routine

The best things in life really are simple, aren’t they? This certainly rings true when it comes to skincare – no one wants to spend thirty minutes in the bathroom going through a 20-step skincare routine! 

For a simple skincare routine that also targets and reverses signs of aging, we recommend adding two retinoid products. These products will come before your moisturizer and all the other steps will remain the same. These two products are a retinoid face cream and a retinoid eye cream – face cream first, eye cream second.

So, what does your skincare routine look like – and how long does it take you?