Comprehensive Solution To Scar Healing

Scar Heal Kits combine silicone sheeting and gel for scar management, offering over 20 surgery-specific combinations for targeted results.

Our Recommended Regimen

Applying Scar Fx Silicone Sheet, Rejuvaskin Scar Management


🌜Silicone Sheeting

At night, apply Scar Fx Silicone Sheeting to your clean, dry scar. The silicone scar sheet's barrier promotes an ideal healing setting for your scar.



🌞Rejuvasil Silicone Scar Gel

Apply RejûvaSil Silicone Scar Gel 2-3 times daily to support healing. It can also alleviate itchiness and discomfort linked to scars.


💫 Scar Esthetique Scar Cream

Once your scar is flat and smooth, apply Scar Esthetique 3-4 times daily to target remaining discoloration. Many patients see continued results through longterm use of Scar Esthetique.

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