3 Tools to Prioritize Customer Service

3 Tools to Prioritize Customer Service

At Rejuvaskin,聽service is one of our core values. We value each and every interaction and strive to give each and every person the best possible experience. We've realized the only way we can ensure excellent service is by investing in tools to support our own team. Here are a few that we've adopted to help us continue to provide excellent service.

Project Management Software: As your company grows, your team will need more coordination and communication to handle projects, specifically those that involve customers. Relying on conversations doesn't always ensure projects move forward. That's why we invested in a good project management system. We use it for project planning, scheduling and resource allocation. It allows team members to control, track and administer important tasks that are part of a project. It's allowed us to stay on track even as our team grows.

Some of the functions that you may want to consider when looking for a software include:

  • Creation and assignment of tasks
  • Document sharing and collaboration
  • Ability to define schedule and task interaction

CRM System: How many times have you forgotten an important point discussed with a customer or lead? It could be embarrassing and unprofessional to continue the conversation with your prospect and realizing that particular subject was already mentioned before. Customer Relationship Management helps to avoid this type of problem. This tool allows businesses to manage customer relationships and interactions including the data and information associated with them.

Here are three ways in which you can leverage this tool:

  • Better understand each customer鈥檚 needs
  • Simplify communication between you and your聽customer
  • Optimize sales and marketing

Keyword Research Tool:聽You may be wondering, what does keyword research have to do with service? Well, we believe service starts long before anyone becomes a customer. As a skin health company our job is to answer the questions you have about skin health and provide solutions. The only way to do that is with good keyword planning. We use keyword research to help us understand top concerns, issues, and questions about our products and skincare in general.聽If we know that, we can effective provide content that answers questions and develop products that solves problems.聽

Here's how you can put a keyword tool to work::

  • Target the right audience with the right message
  • Understand problems and concerns in your area or industry
  • Build a competitive analysis based on other similar brands

These resources聽are critical聽to providing excellent service.聽Investing in these tools will make your team鈥檚 job easier and聽help you take better care of each and every one of your customers.