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Get off to a Great Start in 2022

Get off to a Great Start in 2022

Everyone wants to start 2022 off with a bang, but how? Here are three simple things that you can start doing today to get the best out of yourself in 2022.聽

Set Big Goals

These goals may seem impossible to achieve. You want to set goals that can be only accomplished by a better version of yourself. Let鈥檚 say that you want to help 10 more people to improve their health this month. Instead of shooting for 10, in your mind you want to tell yourself that the real goal is 100. The goal may seem unrealistic but it will force you to grow.

Here are some tips for goal setting:

  • Set a minimum, target and outstanding goal
  • Write them down in paper
  • Say them out loud twice a day

Develop Healthy Habits

Whatever your goals are, it is important to have non-negotiable habits. They shape your life and dictate who you are. When you develop a habit, actually you don't really have to think about the specific action that you are doing. Since the habits become who you are, they will set the tone for your entire life. If you want to have a fantastic year, start by identifying key habits that you need to develop. These habits will help you reach your gigantic goals.

How to develop good habits:

  • Start with small habits
  • Anchor Your New Habit to an Established Routine
  • Have an accountability partner that helps you track your progress

Build Your Network

Surround yourself with the right people changes everything. You want to find people who are smarter than you. People that challenge you to set your goals bigger and share the same or similar habits as you. The right circle of influence raises the bar, helping us to set new expectations of ourselves.

Here is how you can attract the right people to your network:

  • Be a problem solver
  • Talk about big projects and ideas
  • Become genuinely interested in other people聽

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