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Oncology Newsletter: Apr. 2021 - How the Skin Recovery Cream is Helping Patients

Oncology Newsletter: Apr. 2021 - How the Skin Recovery Cream is Helping Patients

Your patient鈥檚 outcome is absolutely the most critical consideration during treatment. We believe that skin health is a big part of that. The questions we get from nurses and doctors often is, does it really work?

The short answer is, YES! We hear stories all the time of patients that have used the Skin Recovery Cream throughout radiation therapy with incredible results. Many of them complete their treatment with very little to no redness or irritation. The majority of these patients come from centers just like yours (more accurately maybe even your center) that have decided to be a part of our sample program. We wanted to pull together some of the comments we鈥檝e received so that you can see the difference that your participation is making.

I have been using the skin recovery cream following radiation and my skin is doing very well. I mentioned it to my nurse navigator and now she is offering samples to other radiation patients. I only wish I had started it before my radiation because I think my skin would be even further along. Thanks for your great product!聽- Rebecca

I鈥檓 very pleased with the results so far! I鈥檓 on week two of my radiation treatment for breast cancer. My oncologists are both very pleased with the results. You should send me some samples snd literature snd I鈥檒l be very happy to pass it along so they may help their other patients.. 10 star product... not a 5!!聽- Lori

The cream was great for the skin. The big point for me was the customer service of this organization. We ordered too many tubes and they not only refunded me, but donated the remainder.聽- Gary

It鈥檚 not just the patients, we have heard from some of you too. The encouragement that we hear from you really helps us continue to do what we do. Here are a couple of highlights that we鈥檝e seen recently:

My patients love the Skin Recovery Cream and stated that it makes a big difference in their skin once they start using it. The have less pain and it seems to facilitate healing faster!聽- Jaylon, Sample Partner

Our nursing staff and physicians all praise Rejuvaskin we have been giving the sample to our patients and getting positive feedback from them. Rejuvaskin is become our go to recommendation.聽- Sharlotte, Sample Partner

We value your feedback and use it to improve our program and product. Please share your experience with us by emailing If you haven鈥檛 participated in the program or maybe haven鈥檛 requested some samples in a while, sign up now! We know that skin health is important in the overall outcome of your patients鈥 treatment.