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Oncology Newsletter: Dec. 2021 - A Few Updates to the Skin Recovery Cream

Oncology Newsletter: Dec. 2021 - A Few Updates to the Skin Recovery Cream

At Rejûvaskin we are always looking for opportunities to improve our products. From packaging to application to the product itself, really nothing is off limits. Our only constant is how we can better serve anyone that chooses to use our physician recommended skincare products. We keep our ear to the ground, ready to receive feedback from doctors, nurses, and patients that may help us improve. Guess what? We’ve been listening! Check out some of our recent upgrades to Rejuvaskin Skin Recovery Cream.

New Look Same Great Product

First, we’ve transitioned to a more slender tube. We know that packaging is a huge consideration in making a product that best serves our patients. This new tube is less bulky to try to make it easier to keep on your person. Some patients were having issues getting the cream out of the tube, so our new design allows you to get the most out of your Skin Recovery Cream. The best part – it’s now 100ml instead of the previous 90ml, at the same price for your patients.

Pro Tip: You can always tell your patients to cut the end of the tube to get every last bit out!

Good Face Project Approved

Safety is one of our highest priorities. We want you and your patients to feel confident that our product is safe for their overall health. The Skin Recovery Cream is a recent recipient of the Good Face Project Seal of Approval. The Good Face Project is an organization that analyzes cosmetic ingredients to find the best of the best products for your health. They evaluated our ingredients, concluding that our Skin Recovery Cream has a list of ingredients safe for you and your skin. We took extra time to create a formula that had your safety in mind, without compromising on any of the effectiveness for radiation relief. Be on the lookout for the updated badge on our new tubes!

New Applications for Sensitive Skin

Radiation Relief will always be at the center of the SRC story. However, the Skin Recovery Cream also received the National Eczema Association Seal of Acceptance. This seal assures that it is suitable even for the most sensitive skin, including eczema. To get the seal, our product had to undergo a patch test in which there was no reaction caused. None of the participants using the Skin Recovery Cream came back with a reaction. This is further confirmation that the SRC is safe for your radiation patients!

If you are a nurse or doctor that would like to sample the Skin Recovery Cream with your patients, visit our Skin Recovery Cream Sample Page. Thanks for reading!