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Psychological Effects of Radiation Therapy for Patients

Psychological Effects of Radiation Therapy for Patients

It’s common for radiation patients to experience fear, anxiety, depression or anger. While radiation therapy itself is not a direct cause of mental distress, it may indirectly affect a patient’s emotions through fatigue or changes in hormone balance.

Coping With Mental Health: Tips for Recovery

Cancer doesn’t have to be the end of your happiness. It can deprive the world of its beauty, or it can spark an eternal flame to find the strength to recover, build connections, and help you focus on the things you can control. “You never know how strong you are until being strong is the only choice you have.” -Bob Marley

Practice Acceptance 

Accepting the reality of a situation is key to improving your mental health. Many cancer patients expressed that meditation has helped them find peace and mental healing. A 2010 study suggests that meditation is moderately effective in reducing anxiety symptoms and improving mood. Result sizes were robust and did not appear to be determined by the number of sessions. Furthermore, improvements were sustained. 

Talk About it

Any doctor or article you read will tell a cancer patient that a good support system is key to have throughout treatment. Sharing a narrative helps us make sense of what individuals encounter in life “As stories are told, however, one is not just the teller but one of the listeners. These stories convince the self as well as others about one’s plans, goals, strengths and weaknesses. It is a human tendency to believe the stories that are told that makes them powerful tools for increasing one’s happiness and well being.” (Rutledge, p. 6) 



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