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Particulate Matter: What It Is, How It Affects Your Skin, & What You Can Do About It

Particulate Matter: What It Is, How It Affects Your Skin, & What You Can Do About It

Pollution affects cities all over the world. Pollution is a combination of man-made and organic chemicals that can seep into our skin and be inhaled into our lungs and may cause problems to our health and our skin. Your skin is the main barrier between the outside world and the inside of your body, so it takes on a lot of stress. Our skin is under attack every day due to particulate matter, which can cause a number of issues to your skin. Below, we talk about how pollution affects your skin and what you can do to minimize the damage.

What Is Particulate Matter?

According to the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), particulate matter, also known as particle pollution or PM, is a mixture of small particles and liquid droplets made up of nitrates and sulfates, organic chemical, metals, soil, and dust particles. Particles come in a wide range of sizes.

How Does Particulate Matter Affect Your Skin?

There is a correlation between increased air pollution and a spike in the number of people suffering from skin conditions. Particulate matter or air pollution can cause skin issues such as premature aging, eczema or atopic dermatitis, acne, hives, hyperpigmentation and more. Particulate matter can pose a long-term threat to the integrity of peoples鈥 skin. People living in highly populated areas that tend to have more pollution and particulate matter tend to have worse skin hydration than those living in less densely populated areas.

How Do I Prevent Skin Issues From Particulate Matter?

It鈥檚 not realistic to avoid ever going outside to protect your skin. But there are still ways to protect and nourish it with a healthy diet, products, and practice. To prevent the effects of particulate matter on your skin, be sure to cleanse with a product designed specifically to fight particulate matter and free radicals in the environment that can wreak havoc on your skin.

What Are Anti-Pollution Skincare Products?

These skincare products are specially designed to fight the negative effects of pollution. Washing your face with a powerful cleanser is the best way to draw out harmful toxins and pollutants from your skin. Anti-pollution skincare products containing ingredients like adaptogens and antioxidants can protect your skin against unnecessary damage by reducing the adhesion of particulate matter and decreasing damage from heavy metals found in particulate matter.

It鈥檚 important to understand how particulate matter affects your skin so you can start taking measures to prevent or diminish the effects of pollutants on your skin. Look out for a special anti-pollution product from Rejuvaskin this summer!