Rejûvaskin Anti-Pollution Cleanser – 2 FL. Oz./60 mL

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A gentle cleanser designed to help you protect your skin from pollution-induced damages such as irritation, dryness, dullness, acne, and premature aging.


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It’s more than a cleanser. The Anti-Pollution Facial Cleanser protects against pollution by removing damaging particulate matter (PM2.5) that interrupts the surface functions of the skin. If not addressed these tiny particles can cause irritation, dryness, dullness, acne, and premature aging.

The unique formula uses a nature-inspired mechanism to remove almost everything that builds up on your skin throughout the day, including PM2.5. It’s great for use after you return from your daily routine, after a run outside, or any other time you are exposed to areas of high pollution. It’s the perfect product to complete your skincare routine.

16 reviews for Rejûvaskin Anti-Pollution Cleanser – 2 FL. Oz./60 mL

  1. Sarah

    I love this cleanser! It has helped clear up my skin when other products were unable to do the job. It leaves my skin feeling clean and fresh. I would highly recommend this to anyone looking for a new daily cleanser.

  2. Courtney

    This cleanser is my new must have! I live in the Atlanta area and the combo of poor air quality and Summer heat had me breaking out, but my skin looks great now.

  3. Bryan

    Perfect for after a long run downtown. The calming scent is an added bonus!

  4. Maria

    I started using this cleanser right before going on a trip. Normally, I feel like I have to wash my face as soon as the plane lands, but my face still felt clean and fresh!

  5. Morgan

    OBSESSED with the smell! I have super sensitive skin and this cleanser has been so gentle – no dryness or irritation. So glad I found it!

  6. Rebecca

    So far I am really liking this cleanser! It leaves my face feeling clean, and seems to pull out all of the dirt and make up that clog my pores. I have added it to my nighttime routine when I shower. Also, love the refreshing smell!

  7. Tessa

    Awesome cleanser. I was planning to just use it after my workday, but I like it so much that I started incorporating it into my morning skin-care routine also! It’s hard to find a cleanser that cleans well but doesn’t strip skin of moisture. This one seriously leaves my face feeling so fresh and soft.

  8. April

    My skin feels clean and softer! And loving the smell!

  9. JaNiece

    Great evening cleanser to take the day off. The consistency is perfect and there is minimal fragrance. I appreciate the formula as it removes the gunk, but is not drying. Would give this a try if you’re looking for a wind-down to your busy makeup day.

  10. Jeff

    Skin felt smoother and definitely cleaner immediately. This has been a very different and great product.

  11. Jessi

    Most amazing cleanser I’ve used! My skin not only looks clearer but feels smoother and more even. It smells incredible too! 10/10 will buy again!

  12. Taylor

    I live in New York and I have always had problems with my skin due to the pollution and dirt. This cleanser solved all of my problems! My skin is smooth and clear and my breakouts have cleared up significantly!! Added bonus— it smells amazing!

  13. Tom

    I travel a lot and between city air and the recycled air on airplanes, my face feels like crud. Tried the cleanser and it compares to the high end Korean cleanser Sulwhasoo I use but at 1/3 of the price. Great job. I am now a fan

  14. Elizabeth

    I love using this cleanser at the end of the day to clear my skin of makeup and dirt. I’ve noticed such an improvement with my skin since using!

  15. Tina

    This product is a game changer! Really cleans all of the dirt off my face. I’ve noticed such a difference. I bring it everywhere

  16. Sarah

    Highly recommend this cleanser!! I use it morning and night and it leaves my skin feeling cleansed and refreshed. It is strong, yet gentle on my sensitive skin. Also the smell is so relaxing!!

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