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The Difference Between A Breast Lift & A Breast Augmentation一 Is There One?

The Difference Between A Breast Lift & A Breast Augmentation一 Is There One?

At first glance, these two procedures might seem like exactly the same thing – however, they are actually completely different. In this post, we’re going to take a look at breast lift vs breast augmentation, answer the question is a breast lift better than breast augmentation, and take a look at how to manage breast surgery scars.

The Breast Lift vs Breast Augmentation

Let’s dissect some of the key similarities and differences between these breast procedures.

What’s The Same?

Both of these are plastic surgery procedures that involve one or both breasts. They’re both done for cosmetic reasons, though some patients find that they can help with body image issues and mental health concerns. Both of these procedures also alter the size, shape, or positioning of the breasts (sometimes all three at once). With both the breast lift and breast augmentation, the risks associated with surgery are:

  1. Scarring that doesn’t heal well
  2. Different outcome than you were expecting
  3. Sagging in the future
  4. Changes in your nipples’ sensitivity

What’s Different?

Aside from these basic similarities, these two procedures are actually completely different. A breast lift is a procedure that works with the breast tissue you have, changing how your breasts sit on your chest, and often fixing sagginess. It’s also important to note that a breast lift is not a breast reduction— it does not take away any of the size of the breast, but rather mostly changes its position on your body. Breast Augmentation,  meanwhile,  involves implants (and sometimes fat transplants) that increase the actual size and shape of your breasts. 

Neither breast lifts nor breast augmentations alter the nipple in any way. These procedures can, however, be combined with other procedures your plastic surgeon offers. For example, you could likely get a breast lift and breast reduction in the same surgery.

Is A Breast Lift Better Than Breast Augmentation?

There’s no right answer to this question. Each person’s needs and wants are completely unique to them! However, it’s pretty common for people with small breasts to want a breast augmentation and people with sagging breasts to want a breast lift. Those with unequal breasts may choose a combination of both options, or even opt for a breast reduction in the larger breast. The bottom line is that one procedure isn’t better than another— they just fulfill different goals.

Healing Breast Surgery Scars With Silicone

You may have heard about silicone’s utility in scar treatment floating around in certain circles; however, did you know how well it actually works? In fact, silicone sheets and gels (like those in our Scar Heal Kit) are one of the most highly recommended and effective methods for healing your surgical scars. Silicone sheeting and gels work mainly by preventing water loss and protecting your recently closed surgical site.

If you choose to use a silicone sheet product for a breast lift or breast augmentation, you’ll want to make sure you choose the right shape and size. You can find more information about selecting the right one here: Picking the Right Silicone Sheet for your Breast Surgery Scar. You may also want to read up on tips and tricks for reducing your scar’s appearance. You don’t have to have highly-visible, discolored scarring around your breast job!