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What Does Fall Do To Your Skin? Our 5 Favorite Fall Skincare Tips!

What Does Fall Do To Your Skin? Our 5 Favorite Fall Skincare Tips!

Are you ready for fall? We’re steadily approaching the cooler temperatures, windier nights, and dryer air that fall has to offer – is your skin prepared? In this blog, we’re going to touch on some fall skincare tips, how to prepare your skin for fall, and find out: does fall cause dry skin?

Does Fall Cause Dry Skin?

In most areas of the northern hemisphere, yes. Fall is a season that is the lead-in to the dry, cold weather of winter. Decreasing temperatures cannot hold as much moisture suspended in the air, and this cold weather can cause dry skin in some people – especially those who don’t have a good moisturizing routine in place. Furthermore, having dry skin means having a damaged skin barrier; this affects your skin’s ability to combat air pollutants.

Five Fall Skincare Tips & How To Prepare Your Skin For Fall

#1: Continue Your Skincare Routine

If you have a skincare routine in place already, continue using it. If you don’t already have one, now is the time to get one situated. Don’t suddenly stop doing your skincare routine – that’s one of the worst things you can do for your skin during the fall and winter. If you find that your skin is still a bit dry, even with your skincare routine, consider adding other products.

#2: Use A Different Moisturizer

If you’re the type of person that usually reaches for water-based and soap products for your skincare routine, you might want to look into oil-based products for the fall and winter months. Your skin might just need the extra help staying moisturized during this part of the year.

#3: Use A Barrier Cream

You can moisturize your skin all you want, but the dry, fall air is going to pull it out of your skin. You can combat this by wearing a thin layer of barrier cream or another type of product. This will lock in your skin’s moisture and make it much more difficult for the water in your skin to evaporate.

#4: Don’t Skip The Sunscreen

You might be tempted to stop wearing sunscreen during the fall because it isn’t as hot or as sunny. However, this isn’t why we wear sunscreen every day. Sunscreen protects our skin from the damage that the sun’s UV rays can cause – and UV rays are a threat year-round. So, find a mineral sunscreen that you love and stick with it!

#5: Drink More Water

Sometimes, moisturization needs to happen from inside your body. Moisturizing the external part of the skin can mask a problem with your body’s moisture levels, which can only be solved by drinking more water. You can avoid this problem entirely by simply getting enough to drink each day.

Damage Control: Repairing The Effects Of Fall Weather

You’ll also want to be prepared with some products that will help you recover from the effects of fall weather. Products like our Skin Recovery Cream and Advanced Firming Cream can help repair your skin’s damaged barrier while you make changes to your skincare routine to resolve the root cause.