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What’s Inside Our Retinoid Eye Cream?

What’s Inside Our Retinoid Eye Cream?

They say the eyes age the fastest. This is (at least partially) because the skin around your eyes is the thinnest and most sensitive part of your face. Such a crucial area deserves special care— which is why there are sooo many eye creams on the market, for a variety of different concerns. Some want an eye cream for dark circles, to reduce heavy eyebags or get rid of crow's feet, eye cream for sensitive skin, and so on.

With such an overwhelming amount of choices, it’s important to make sure you’re picking a product that’s well-equipped with the right ingredients. Let’s take a look at what’s in our own Retinoid Eye Cream, how to reduce under-eye wrinkles, and learn what makes retinoids good for under-eyes treatment.

What Are Retinoids?

As we’ve covered in a few different previous posts, retinoids are a type of vitamin A that act as potent anti-aging and aging reversal ingredients. Not to be confused with retinol, retinoids are usually prescription-grade creams that sensitive-skinned individuals need to handle with care. Retinoids have a tendency to irritate the skin when used improperly, which led us to seek out gentler alternatives to these harsh, man-made retinoids.

So, Are Retinoids Good For Under-Eyes?

Generally speaking, strong creams like retinoids are much too strong for the sensitive skin around and underneath the eyes. However, when using botanical-based creams, you can get similar effects without all of the irritation. This is why we developed our Retinoid Eye Cream; so that you can get all of the benefits of a retinoid cream while avoiding all of the side effects.

Our Retinoid Eye Cream: How It’s Different

Here at Rejuvaskin, we use all-natural botanicals to create each tube of our Retinoid Eye Cream; this leads to a potent product that doesn’t compromise on power to give you healthy, supple skin and fading wrinkles. So, what’s in it?

The Tri-RetinX™ Blend

As in our Retinoid Face Serum, we include our Tri-RetinX™ complex in our Retinoid Eye Cream. This proprietary blend of ingredients helps support your skin in a powerful, yet gentle, way. Inside the Tri-RetinX™ blend are HPR, Bakuchiol, and Sea Fennel (VitAphira). 

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This versatile skincare ingredient is lifted from apples, lentils, and watermelon. It serves to encourage your skin to hydrate more evenly and fully; as part of this process, fine lines and wrinkles plump up and disappear.

Coffee Extract

Did you know that coffee extracts have many potent antioxidants that can be beneficial to your skin? The antioxidants in coffee are specifically good at reducing the signs of aging – and they can even help your body repair sun damage in the skin!

Avocado Oils

Avocados are a fantastic source of vitamin E and healthy fatty acids – both things that the skin adores. Furthermore, gently extracted avocado oil can also help reduce and relieve inflammation in the skin.

Rejuvaskin: Your Source for Gentle, All-Natural Retinoids

Here at Rejuvaskin, we love using superfoods and all-natural extracts in our skincare products. That’s because we believe you deserve effective, gentle alternatives that you can count on. Our team developed the Tri-RetinX™ complex for this exact reason: to give you a safe retinoid product that won’t irritate your skin. So go ahead and give our Retinoid Eye Cream and Retinoid Face Serum a try!