Why Is Silicone the Best Ingredient for Scarring?

Why Is Silicone the Best Ingredient for Scarring?

Did you know silicone is considered the gold standard ingredient in scar healing? In fact, silicone has been used for more than three decades to treat stubborn and unwanted scarring! Read on to find out why silicone sheeting should be in your arsenal when treating any scars.

What causes scars?

When skin is harmed due to an injury, surgery, or other issue, scar tissue forms as part of your body鈥檚 natural healing process. Unfortunately this healing process oftentimes overstimulates the production of collagen, and when the body produces too much collagen a raised, discolored scar is produced.

What is silicone?

Generally speaking,聽silicone is a molecule that is comprised from a chain of alternating silicon atoms, which is the second most prevalent element in the earth's crust besides oxygen. Silicones can also be called polysiloxanes.

Why is silicone good for scarring?

Products made of silicone gel or sheeting heal scars by increasing hydration over the upper layers of the skin, which then regulates collagen production, resulting in a flatter scar. Silicone also creates a shield to help protect the scar from bacteria or infection.

When should I start putting silicone gel or silicone sheeting on my skin?

You can begin treating your scar immediately after surgery or injury. Some people may wish to wait a week or two to begin using silicone sheeting, since you should never apply anything to the scar until your wound is fully healed. Newer scars tend to heal better when treated with silicone immediately because they have not fully begun the healing process, meaning the collagen overproduction has not yet occurred.

How do I choose the right silicone product for my scar?

Silicone scar products are an essential part of your scar healing regimen, and the type you choose depends on the area being healed and your type of scarring. You can choose from gels or silicone sheets, but keep in mind the higher the amount of silicone, the more effective the product. Rejuvaskin鈥檚 high-quality Scar Heal products each contain silicone because of its proven scar-healing ability. Rejuvaskin offers a variety of different products with silicone including Rejuvasil Scar Heal gel and Scar Fx silicone sheeting, which are 99% and 100% silicone, respectively.

You don鈥檛 have to live with unwanted scarring. Try Rejuvaskin鈥檚 silicone-based scar products today and see the difference!