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  • 3 Ideas to Help Grow your Distribution Company

    Are you looking for tips on how to build and grow your distribution business?  There is no doubt that these are very challenging times for any business, particularly in the retail market: sales are unpredictable, cash flow is weak and costs are rising. To make things even more difficult, your tea...
  • 7 Amazingly Effective Skin Health Products

    We are driven by improving people’s lives through skin health. Our goal is to address unique skincare concerns using effective, safe products. We are committed to helping individuals maintain healthy and beautiful through life changing events. Thirty years ago we started in scar management in an ...
  • Addressing the Side Effects of Radiation on the Skin

    This new proven radiation relief product is helping 500 plus radiation treatment centers in the US to reduce severe skin reactions among patients. Learn more about how you can implement this solution in your market.
  • Why Adding Silicone Products to Your Brand is Important

    One of the most common questions from surgical patients to their health professional concerns dealing with unwanted scars. How do you minimize the scar after surgery? What can you do for an older scar? We have the answer, it's SILICONE.

  • How Adding Scar Management Products Leads to Growth

    Did you know the global scar management market is expected to grow by 45% over the next few years? Effective scar management products can help open up new opportunities for your brand. Check out this article to assess the impact that scar products can have on your brand's growth.
  • 3 Simple Ways to Connect with Physicians and Clinics

    In some places physicians are busier than ever. With reduced time available to meet distributors it is harder to talk face to face. An online presence is no longer optional. We've put together a few of our favorite ways to connect with your customers.
  • Pollution is a Skin Health Problem

    Did you know that pollution affects your skin? Toxic chemicals attach to pollutants and sink deep into skin causing premature aging, damage, dullness, and acne. With the growing concern of a pollution problem, it’s important that we understand the effects pollution has on our skin.

  • Product Comparison: Rejuvasil vs. Scar Esthetique

    Are you familiar with the difference between Rejuvaskin’s scar gel, RejuvaSil, and scar cream, Scar Esthetique? These products sometimes get confused with one another and this newsletter is going to clarify the differences so you can inform your customers of the right choice to suit their scar needs.  
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